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Terri Rodriguez-Hong

Terri is a volleyball fan with a Polynesian soul, a Muay Thai boxing addict, and a holistic designer. She is a UI/UX designer, who began her education at Sonoma State University where she earned a BA. Later, she earned an MFA from the University of Hawai`i. Though a California Bay Area native, she is a kama’aina at heart (kama means 'child' and 'aina' means 'land'). She truly grew up with the spirit of Hawai`i, with a culture of respecting and nuturing the land so that, in turn, it will take care of you. She believes that exact thing should apply to anyone or anything.

Recent Posts

5 Obstacles Stopping You from Reaching Your Career Goals 
(and How to Overcome Them)

Posted by Terri Rodriguez-Hong on Jan 9, 2017 5:10:12 PM

If you find yourself daydreaming about a new career, but struggling to turn it into a reality, then you’re probably in the same position I was in. I spent too much time and energy worrying ‘what if’, rather than investing that energy into becoming what I wanted to be.

Eventually, with the help of some inspiring people, I managed to identify the 5 main obstacles I was facing. Once I knew what they were, I was able to tackle them head on. I enrolled on the UX Design Course at CareerFoundry and I now love working as a UX designer. 

Here's how I got there.

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